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Social Media in the Workplace

On Thursday, October 17 from 8:30am to 9:30am, Attorney Daniel Carr will present this seminar at the Northampton Chamber of Commerce

One of the many challenges employer’s face in today’s business world is the ever present impact of technology. Attorney Daniel Carr will discuss the impact of employee’s social media accounts on the workplace, and the employee’s right to privacy in email and internet communications.

The following topics will be covered

- Using Social Media during hiring;
- Conducting an effective interview;
- Dealing with confidentiality issues;
- Taking action on potentially harassing posts on social media

HR professionals, CFOs, CEOs, and anyone in a management position who is responsible for overseeing and/or hiring employees

Daniel C. Carr, Esq.
Royal, P.C.
Northampton Chamber of Commerce
Northampton Chamber of Commerce
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