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Shades of Gray: Free Speech in the Workplace Can Be a Thorny Topic

Recent high-profile issues around free speech in the workplace — from the NFL’s new national-anthem policy to ABC’s blackballing of Roseanne Barr — have elicited much debate in the public square, with the point often made that private-sector employees hav…
profile issues around free speech in the workplace …pens to employers when an employee exercises free speech. Read the article HERE.    If you have

First Amendment Protections: What Do They Cover?

Following the tragic events in Charlottesville last week, there has been a deluge of news stories about the employment ramifications of individuals’ social media postings, especially as they relate to support for hate groups and related fringe political c…
whether a government employee is entitled to free speech protection… private employees have comparatively few free speech protections. Generally

Social Media in the Workplace

The growth and popularity of social media has transformed the workplace, calling into question the benefits and risks associated with its use. Royal LLP will be presenting an informational seminar that will explore how employer interests in employee use …
ia are balanced with employee concerns about free speech and privacy.

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