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Ballot Measures

Ballot measures are a risky way of making law. Proponents argue that ballot measures are the most accurate representation of the will of the electorate. Detractors argue that voters often aren’t knowledgeable about nuanced issues and ballot measures are n…
s for transgendered individuals in places of public accommodation. In July 2016

Hot Water – Walking a Discrimination Tightrope at Starbucks

The news has been flooded over the past week with the details of the recent incident where two African-American men were arrested by Philadelphia police for refusing to leave a Starbucks location. The incident has undoubtedly sparked concerns among the bu…

Royal Attorneys Obtain Lack of Probable Cause in Disability Case

Royal obtained a Lack of Probable Cause finding at the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination on behalf of a regional not-for-profit organization in a public accommodation discrimination and retaliation case. In dismissing the case, the MCAD agr…
profit organization in a public accommodation discrimination and retaliation case.  In dis

When is Gender Exclusivity Legal?

Recently, several media outlets ran a story about a Law School professor who filed a complaint against a Texas movie theatre for holding a Women-Only screening of the new “Wonder Woman” film. The headline grabbed people’s attention, but the articles, I s…
general public.  These are called places of public accommodation

Governor Baker Signs Transgender Accommodations Bill Into Law

On July 8, 2016, Governor Charlie Baker signed into law a bill expanding civil rights protections for transgender individuals in Massachusetts. The new law, which takes effect October 1st of this year, prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender id…
imination on the basis of gender identity in public accommodations.  It allows individuals to utilize gender… as most places of public accommodation are subject to employment

A Transition in the Law: Transgender Discrimination in Public Accommodation Law

There has been a great deal of national public debate over access to bathrooms for transgender individuals. The Massachusetts Senate approved a pending bill that seeks to add gender identity as a protected class under Massachusetts public accommodation l…
ity as a protected class under Massachusetts public accommodation law.  The bill now goes to the House.  For m

New Prohibitions Against Transgender Discrimination Likely

Royal, P.C. authored an article about transgender discrimination in the most recent edition of BusinessWest magazine.

ADA Observes 25 Years, Employers Face Increased Litigation

July 26 marked the 25th anniversary of the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) — landmark legislation that created rights for individuals with physical and mental disabilities in employment, government facilities and services, places of p…
places of public accommodations

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