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Members of Royal LLP attend Square One Annual Tea Party on October 2, 2014

Published:  October 7, 2014

Ann-Marie Marcil with Senator Gale Candaras.

Amelia Mosley, YWCA Board Member with Ann-Marie Marcil.

Annie E. Lajoie, Amy Scott of Wild Apple Design, and Kate Campiti of BusinessWest.

Ann-Marie Marcil and Shannon Reichelt of S. Reichelt & Co., LLC.

Kate Campiti of BusinessWest, Karina Schrengohst, and Amelia Mosley, YWCA Board Member.

Amelia Mosley, YWCA Board Member and Ann-Marie Marcil.

Janice Watson of Dunbar Y, Amelia Mosley YWCA Board Member, and Ann-Marie Marcil.

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