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Royal, P.C. Attorneys Successfully Obtain LOPC Finding in Discrimination and Retalition Case

Published:  August 9, 2017

Royal acquires a lack of probable cause finding for a claim with two EEOC charges.  A former employee brought charges of discrimination (sex) and retaliation. The attorneys at Royal, P.C. successfully argued that the employer properly conducted a thorough investigation and applied appropriate discipline when the former employee made a harassment claim to Human Resources Management.  The former employer offered a wide range of alternate and suitable positions in order to accommodate the employee’s pregnancy and original harassment claim.  HR periodically checked in with the employee to ensure no other instances of harassment occurred, and to offer any additional required accommodations. The EEOC agreed with the Royal attorneys in that it is impossible to discriminate and retaliate against someone who quits their job, under their own accord, after being offered numerous accommodations.

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