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Time To Be Flexible: Avoiding Discrimination Claims Based on Caregiver Responsibilities

Published:  September 10, 2014

Over the past 30 years, the demographics of the workforce have changed. Women comprise approximately half of the working population, many of whom are working mothers. In addition, although women primarily continue to carry caregiver responsibilities, gender lines related to family and caregiver responsibilities have shifted, and the number of men who take on or share in primary caregiver responsibilities continues to increase.

Further, many employees, both female and male, have caregiver responsibilities for elderly parents and other family members, which is a trend that will likely continue to increase as the Baby Boomer population ages. Additionally, a growing number of employees face both child-care and elder-care responsibilities simultaneously. Finally, some employees have caregiver responsibilities for children, spouses, parents, and other family members who are disabled.

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