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An Employment-law Checklist: The New Year Is the Perfect Time for an Audit of Your Practices

Published:  December 30, 2014

As the new year approaches, employers would be wise to include in their resolutions efforts to ensure compliance with the myriad employment laws affecting their business, including those related to sick leave, disability discrimination, sexual harassment, and wage-and-hour issues.

To accomplish this, employers can begin by conducting an internal audit of their employment practices with the assistance of employment counsel, including looking at their employee handbook and other policies and job descriptions, as well as planning supervisor training.

Employee Handbook and Policy Reviews

Is your employee handbook up to date? Employers should consider having their employee handbook and other policies reviewed on an annual basis by employment-law counsel to ensure they are compliant with state and federal law and recent National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) decisions. For instance, just this month, the NLRB issued a decision permitting employees to use company e-mail accounts on their own time for non-business purposes, including discussing union organizing and work grievances.

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