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Hot Water – Walking a Discrimination Tightrope at Starbucks

Source:  Healthcare News
Published:  May 9, 2018

The news has been flooded over the past week with the details of the recent incident where two African-American men were arrested by Philadelphia police for refusing to leave a Starbucks location. The incident has undoubtedly sparked concerns among the business community as to whether they are doing enough to stamp out discrimination and harassment in their places of business.
In this space, we usually discuss the implications of employment law. Employment law, by definition, is limited to the relationship between an employer and its employees. The issues raised in the Starbucks incident, however, are obviously broader than the traditional employment relationship and implicate the provisions of public-accommodation law. 

Attorney Timothy M. Netkovick of Royal, P.C., takes a closer look at the laws regarding employment and the Starbucks discrimination controversy. Read the full article here!

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