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Measure of Interest: New Parental-leave Law Will Soon Impact Bay State Employers

Published:  February 10, 2015

The subject of parental leave has received a lot of attention in the media following President Obama’s recent focus on family issues in this year’s State of the Union speech. Indeed, the president has since directed federal agencies to grant their employees six weeks of paid parental leave and is pushing Congress to grant them six more.

Receiving less attention is the Bay State’s new law on parental leave, which goes into effect on April 7. Former Gov. Deval Patrick signed the law, called the Massachusetts Parental Leave Act (MPLA), on Jan. 7, in his final days as governor. The law replaces the Massachusetts Maternity Leave Act (MMLA), which currently only provides leave to expecting and adopting mothers, while the MPLA will extend eight weeks of unpaid leave to both men and women.

The new law makes several other notable changes to the MMLA as well.

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