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HSF Seminar - Fair Labor Standards Act and Wage and Hour Laws

Published:  December 10, 2015

os1.jpgOn December 9, 2015, Attorney Olga M. Serafimova presented a seminar on behalf of the Human Service Forum addressing the challenges employers face related to the Department of Labor’s proposed amendments to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and current wage and hour laws.  During the seminar Attorney Serafimova was met with multiple questions regarding the white collar exemptions under the FLSA and other issues that interplay with that Act’s provisions, such as deductions from employees’ pay for jury duty or sick leave.  If you have any questions regarding the Department of Labor’s amendments to the FLSA, current wage and hour laws, or other areas of employment law, please contact Olga M. Serafimova or any of the other attorneys at Royal.