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Risk Management: ADA, MCAD, OSHA, Human Service Forum

Published:  March 21, 2014

AmyB_5_22.jpgHave you experienced an uptick in filings at the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination and/or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration? Or, if not yet, do you want to learn how to minimize your legal exposure to such claims? Have you otherwise been overwhelmed by certain provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments?

On March 20, 2014, at the Human Service Forum, attorneys from Royal discussed specific strategies for dealing with these headaches, thereby reducing organizations' risks of legal liabilities. Specifically, the attorneys covered the following:


  • Recent interpretations from our highest courts on the ADAAA's broad definition of disability and employers' attendant obligations under it;
  • New potential protected behaviors relative to psychiatric disorders, including protections for disorders related to hoarding, gambling, and tobacco use; and
  • An overview of emerging trends in disability discrimination law as well as approaches for dealing with them.


  • The types of workplace safety issues facing human service agencies, including the competing obligations between providing a safe workplace to employees and the safety concerns inherent in certain client populations; and
  • The types of OSHA cases that employees are filing against human service agencies and the strategies for responding to them.


  • An overview of cases arising out of the Commission, examining evolving trends over the last several months;
  • What to expect if a case is filed against you;
  • Insight into how your cases are being processed and what cases are taking priority; and
  • The MCAD's focus on disability discrimination cases and their approach for resolving them.