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Sexual Harassment: The Watershed Moment

Published:  February 8, 2018

The abundance of recent high-profile sexual harassment complaints has completely changed the public perception of the persistent problem of sexual harassment.  Sexual harassment is no longer a silent epidemic which is by-and-large being ignored.  Posts stating the phrase “#metoo” have created a camaraderie among individuals who are choosing to speak up and stand up.

However, despite the nation’s “revelation” about the prevalence of sexual harassment, as business owners and human resources professionals, the problem probably isn’t all that surprising.

Clearly, the perfunctory sexual harassment policies and bland pro forma sexual harassment trainings are not working. It’s no longer adequate to take the same tired approach. As business leaders, we need to approach sexual harassment in the workplace from a new perspective.

Attorney Daniel Carr led a roundtable discussion on how we can profoundly change our approach to sexual harassment in the workplace. Discussion topics included:

  • If we’re already training employees, why does sexual harassment keep happening?
  • How to change workplace cultures that are conducive to prevalent sexual harassment?
  • How to deal with essential employees who engage in sexual harassment?
  • Why aren’t our current efforts effective? And what do we do now?

If you have any questions about sexual harassment policies or any other employment law matters, please contact the attorneys at Royal, P.C.