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Understanding the Complexities of the Americans with Disabilities Act and its State Counterpart: A Road Map Toward Mastering ADA Compliance

Published:  January 23, 2020

This seminar was hosted by CCHRA on January 23, 2020 in Hyannis, MA.

The Americans with Disabilities Act and its state counterpart are by no means easy laws to interpret or to apply in practice on a day to day basis. Managing requests for accommodations and navigating the interactive process can be the trickiest and most frustrating aspects of these laws. Indeed, they’re fraught with many moving parts, legal obligations, and personnel considerations. To further complicate an already complex matter, other state and federal leave laws impact the way employers must handle these issues and the information they can request. Wading through all of the legal pitfalls can be all-consuming for a human resource department. In this interactive workshop, the ADA’s trickiest parts will be demystified.  HR professionals will learn tips, strategies, and best practices for handling with confidence the most complex ADA scenarios. Learning objectives will include understanding when the interactive process is triggered, how interactive it must be, what documentation should be created, what documentation can be obtained, and when ‘enough is enough’ in satisfying ADA obligations. Through various examples and scenarios, participants will know how to get ahead of a potential litigation claim and will receive pointers on how best to train front line supervisors on how to recognize situations, such as potential requests for accommodation, that should be reported to HR.

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