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Coronavirus FAQs and the Workplace

Published:  March 16, 2020

As the Coronavirus continues to spread, some of our clients have been forced to close operations temporarily while others must remain open due to the nature of their operations and services.  Whether your company must close, remain open, or falls somewhere in between, we have been helping companies problem solve during this time, whether it’s answering various workplace or operational questions, or helping to develop multi-tiered preparedness plans. Having a plan in place that deals with various, divergent scenarios and otherwise being well-informed is critical for every type of business, whether you’re a non-profit or not, or in the private sector or not.   

The following represents some of the common questions we have been receiving:

Q: With school closures, do I need to allow employees to work from home, or stay at home and not work at all?  How will I manage operations?  Are there leaves of absence that cover employee time away from work?

Q: Are there any FMLA, ADA, or OSHA concerns that I should be aware of?

Q: Can I require employees to use available PTO if they are out of work?

Q: Should I be concerned about precedent in granting time off to employees?

Q: Do I need to pay salaried, exempt employees if the company closes down or if the employee does not come in to work?

Q: What do I do if an employee refuses to come to work?

Q: Can we ask employees to self-report if they test positive for the virus?

Q: Can we identify by name an employee, visitor, or guest who tests positive for the virus?

Q: Can we ask employees, visitors, or guests to share information regarding their interactions with others who may display symptoms of the virus?

Q: Should I be concerned about HIPAA violations and other privacy laws?

Q: Can we restrict employee off-the-clock travel?

If you have any questions regarding the above or any other questions related to the Coronavirus and workplace and operational preparedness, please contact the attorneys at Royal P.C.

We are available at all times, 24-7 through this evolving process.

Please contact us via phone or email for any and all questions. 

Our attorneys cell phone numbers are as follows:

Amy Royal: (413) 695-1075

Tim Netkovick: (413) 335-8422

Sarah Ryzewski: (774) 230-5627

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