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The Department of Labor’s Families First Coronavirus Response Act Poster

Published:  April 27, 2020

The Department of Labor has released the FFCRA poster, which is attached in PDF format below.  In addition to the poster’s release, the DOL has issued FAQs to help employers better understand their posting requirements, especially in light of the number of workers who are now telecommuting. 

The FAQs can be accessed through the following link:

If you have any questions regarding the posting requirements or any other legal questions related to the Coronavirus, please contact Amy Royal via email at, or by phone at either 413-586-2288 or 413-695-1075. 

Attorney Fred Royal is also available to answer any questions as well, including tax questions related to these issues.  Fred can be reached by phone at either 413-586-2288 or 413-552-7029.   

FFCRA Poster

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