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H1B: One More Hurdle to Creating Your Dream Team

Published:  April 3, 2014

This past Tuesday thousands of applications were submitted for coveted H1B visas. These visas are necessary for U.S. employers who want to hire high-skilled foreign workers. The majority of these applications are for workers with advanced degrees and many have graduated from United States’ universities.

Unfortunately, even if you believe you have the best candidate for your company IN THE WORLD, there is still no guarantee they will be awarded the visa you spent hours filling out. Approximately half of all H1B visas will be rejected randomly by a computer-generated lottery. More unfortunately, this percentage of rejections will likely only increase in the future as the baseline annual limit remains at the same level set by Congress in 1990 but the demand for H1B visas is increasing.

Even with this difficult obstacle to hurdle, employers should still apply for a visa for the excellent candidate from a foreign country. To give your company the greatest chance of approval for an H1B visa, make sure you get it in on time and it is correctly filled out. The next deadline for H1B visas is April 1, 2015. These applications are complex and complicated and it would be wise to consult with employment counsel during this process.

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