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U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Issues New I-9 Form

Published:  August 7, 2017

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has issued a new I-9 Form that brings about some subtle changes.  The new form will modify the old form's instructions by removing "the end of" from the phrase "the first day of employment" in reference to the completing of Section 1.  This change, although subtle, serves to simplify the timing of when to complete Section 1, allowing employers to have their new employees complete this section at any point during their first day.  Another change is an updated list of acceptable documents, which will provide greater ease in navigation of the form.

The newest version of the I-9 Form was published by the USCIS on July 17th; this version is mandatory and must be in place by September 18th of this year.  Make sure your organization switches over soon; although changes on the form are minute, failure in switching over to the new form by September 18th may result in significant fines. 

If you have any questions about the new I-9 form or its implementation, please contact the attorneys at Royal, P.C.