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Workplace Preparedness and Operational Procedures

Published:  March 12, 2020

Here at Royal P.C., we have been fielding questions from businesses regarding the impact of unexpected situations such as the Coronavirus, and are actively providing services to businesses to help develop workplace preparedness policies and operational procedures to protect employees and the business as a whole. The rapid spread of the Coronavirus has prompted many businesses, schools, and state agencies to reconsider operating functions and implement closures until the pandemic has been contained. With such closures, many businesses are now facing numerous obstacles and are left wondering how to continue operations while keeping employees safe. This sudden pandemic has brought forth an important procedural obligation companies should implement within their workplace and business operations – a policy regarding workplace preparedness and operational procedures.
Based upon the lack of workplace preparedness and operational procedures, many businesses are left unaware of the obligations bestowed upon them, including the legal and financial obligations.  Below lists out a small variety of business operations businesses should have laid out in policies or what should be implemented in policies in response to unexpected situations to help with a smooth transition:
•    Payroll and banking/financial issues
•    Payment of wages
•    Exempt v. nonexempt workers
•    Staffing shortages
•    Cross training employees during shortages
•    Agencies funded by the state
•    Travel restrictions
•    Remote work/telecommuting
•    Restrictions on returning to work after sick leave
•    Employee policies for sick leave
•    Use of sick time, vacation time, PTO
•    Use of leave time
•    Sending Employees home if they are sick
•    Additional unpaid leave beyond employee entitlement
•    24 hour services agencies obligations

The news of the Coronavirus reminds us how important it is to be prepared for any unexpected situation which could arise at any moment including other pandemics and natural disasters. Furthermore, it is important to be reviewing such plans, policies and procedures at a minimum, annually. Call us today and we can help you and your business prepare an effective operational plan, help implement, and provide guidance on procedures.
If you have any questions regarding Workplace Preparedness and Operational Procedures, please contact the attorneys at Royal P.C.
We are available at all times, 24-7 through this evolving process. Please contact us via phone or email for any and all questions.

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