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Practice Areas

  • Employment
    • Affirmative Action/OFCCP Compliance
    • Data Security and Employee Privacy
    • Disability and Leave Laws
    • Discrimination and Harassment
    • Drug and Alcohol Policies and Testing
    • ERISA and Other Employee Benefits
    • Preventative Employment Services
      • Because we believe that careful planning and counseling can reduce the likelihood of a lawsuit or can at least improve the likelihood for success should litigation arise, we offer a variety of litigation avoidance-related services, such as preparing, reviewing, and updating employment policies and handbooks, drafting Affirmative Action plans, conducting audits to ensure businesses are compliant with all applicable state and federal laws and providing employee and management training on a variety of training topics, such as sexual harassment and anti-discrimination, discipline and documentation, the ADA and reasonable accommodations, wage and hour, leaves of absences, electronic issues in the workplace, independent contractor status, joint employment issues and maintaining a union-free environment.
    • Unemployment Insurance Law
      • Royal, P.C. attorneys provide advice, counseling, and training on Massachusetts General Law Chapter 151A, the Massachusetts unemployment insurance law, including the standards for awards of unemployment benefits and disqualification. We also advise clients on the Division of Unemployment Assistance's (DUA) rules and procedures, explaining how evidence is presented and weighed, the role of witnesses, how witnesses' credibility may be assessed, and the role of the DUA Hearing Officer. The firm has assisted clients in preparing and presenting reasons for termination and appeal in accordance with Massachusetts law and has represented clients both at unemployment hearings and before the Board of Review.
    • Unfair Competition and Trade Secrets
      • Royal, P.C. attorneys understand the importance of protecting against unfair competition and offer many preventive services to assist businesses in securing adequate protection, which includes advising on and drafting legally enforceable covenants not to compete, non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements and non-solicitation agreements; preparing employment agreements for business executives and others in upper management and conducting audits of current business practices. In addition to our preventive services, we aggressively litigate unfair competition and improper intellectual property disclosure matters. Prior to initiating litigation on our business client's behalf, our attorneys carefully weigh the potential ramifications to the business and the value of seeking court intervention through temporary restraining orders and injunctions.
    • Wage and Hour Law: Individual and Class Action Litigation and Compliance
      • Royal, P.C. attorneys have significant experience defending employers in both individual and class action wage/hour litigation. Our broad expertise includes defense in the following types of wage/hour cases: misclassification of employees as exempt, misclassification of employees as independent contractors, failure to pay minimum wage, failure to pay and/or properly calculate overtime pay, failure to pay for all time worked, including donning and doffing issues, failure to pay commissions, improper tip pooling, failure to provide meal breaks and failure to pay for "off-the-clock" time. Our attorneys also represent employers in these types of disputes before the United States Department of Labor and state wage/hour enforcement agencies. With wage/hour litigation on the rise and the increased penalties for violations, Royal, P.C. offers various preventive services to employers in order to reduce the risk of a viable wage/hour claim and to otherwise comply with applicable wage/hour laws. Royal, P.C. attorneys advise on wage/hour matters, providing counsel on issues related to the classification of workers, calculation of pay, commissions, tips, pay procedures, meal breaks and other state and federal wage/hour laws. Our wage/hour preventive services include audits of companies wage/hour practices, drafting policies and procedures, including legally compliant incentive plans, and conducting management training.
    • Workers' Compensation
      • Royal, P.C. represents employers, insurers, and self-insurers in the defense of workers' compensation claims. We handle all phases of workers' compensation litigation, including hearings at the Division of Industrial Accidents and appeals. In addition to offering litigation services, we also assists our clients in developing appropriate claims investigation programs and safety measures in order to help reduce the number and cost of workers' compensation claims.
    • Workplace Safety and Compliance
      • Royal, P.C. attorneys have extensive experience designing preventive solutions to ensure that company workplaces are safe under federal and state law. Our attorneys excel at drafting handbook provisions that inform workers of their workplace rights and protect companies from complaints and liability. Additionally, Royal, P.C. attorneys have experience counseling employers on the applicability of federal (OSHA) and state safety regulations, including Massachusetts' and Connecticut's Divisions of Occupational Safety. Additionally, Royal, P.C. attorneys assist employers with other workplace safety concerns including workplace violence and substance abuse issues. Our firm has extensive experience drafting policies designed to prevent these problems. We also conduct training programs for managers on how to best carry out these policies.
  • Corporate Law
  • Labor Relations
  • Litigation Avoidance & Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Litigation/Trial Law
  • Local Counsel
  • Non-Profit